יום רביעי, 11 בדצמבר 2013

Some Tuesday Silliness

Sooo, you know what's it like when you have a day at home, and you have to work, but it's cold and you're bored stiff and you have a migraine, so instead you write a stupid joke-fanfic for a guilty-pleasure action movie, with a punchline that nobody will understand? And you know how do you intend for it to be a vignette, because really, for how long can you draw it, and it turns into four full pages before you know what's going on?


Oh well.

The movie in question is Equilibrium, a profoundly idiotic action flick whose main attraction is trying to capture each and every dystopian reference (read: something stolen) they managed to cram in. It's about this guy who kicks ass in a long black coat for a totalitarian dictatorship where they outlawed emotions.. It opens with a scene where they verify the originality of the Mona Lisa and then burn it. They would've burned it even if it wasn't the original, but what the hell, if you have an Original Mona Lisa Identifier I guess you might as well use it. It is not the only thing there that doesn't make sense. 

If that wasn't clear enough, this thing is completely pointless unless you've seen the movie